Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fish and Chips, yum, yum

Fish and chips are delicious when the fish is fried in delicious batter and you have the right combination of salt, brown sauce and vinegar drizzled and sprinkled on the top!

It is run by Phillipo an Italian who knows how to keep the Scot's content with their fish and chips!

There might be a wee wait for it to be served to you as a take-away but it isn't long and they always keep on top of service.

For some people though it is long enough to just stare into space and for some people to capture these people doing just so :-)

Of course, some people don't look happy.....

... but luckily the staff always are, and they smile, laugh and joke whenever I see them.  They are just... lovely :-)

This next shot I love and whilst yes Anders might look rather sinister with Dexter reflected on him.  He was really just having a laugh with me whilst he waited outside for me and Dexter to get the food whilst he kept Marvin and Carly happy outside as they were not allowed in - probably just as well as the smell of the food would send them crazy! 

the long road


  1. What a great post. What a great shop! It would be a delight to get fish and chips at a place like that!

  2. Great shots. Fish and Chips looks so good.

  3. The fish and chips here are delicious and I am glad that you enjoyed looking at these images and seeing a little of what I get to enjoy and see in my life.

  4. YUM! I try really hard not to eat fried food - but will make an exception for fish and chips

  5. yum! fish and chips! i love all these photo's in black and white