Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Train through Leadhills

The Leadhills are an old mining area and we drove through them and whilst doing this stopped off at a little railway showing their restored trains. The Leadhills are really beautiful and just have a lot of soul which you sense as you drive through them. Visiting this very small rural train station with it's "working" trains gave you a sense of what mining life must have been like albeit the trains are actually really pretty like Thomas the Tank in a way although in their day when the place was a heavy mining town things would not have been different!

In fact probably more like the photograph below - dark, mysterious, dangerous and bleak!

Our journey on this train was really sweet and we all got a sense of the place seeing the ruins of the old mines and learning about the history of this place where people lived hard mining and rural lives. Now however the station is run by some lovely older men who just love the nostalgia of this place and the trains and it is a little museum treasure to a time which you might otherwise never see, so actually turned out to be really nice to experience.

There was no glamour in this Corvette, but it did have a charm. Wonder if this piece of mining equipment waiting to be restored was named before or after the car?



  1. Very interesting (and lovely) pictures ~ I love pictures with a story to tell :D!

  2. Wow...gorgeous photos, with a wonderful sense of history and mood! Thanks for sharing your 'today'!

  3. Amazing photos and story! And, I love the adorable face!

  4. I really like your photos... they're so lovely and well-done! It makes the mining more interesting (for me). I tend to think of mining operations as boring and dirty and uninteresting... but you gave it some history and meaning.

  5. Wow - you captured some amazing moody photos - so fun.

  6. you guys are always doing the neatest things! looks like a great time. Your son is so adorable!