Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Marvin & Carly - WOW, how they are beautiful!

They are often completely synchronized....

I did say often, not always!!!


  1. They are quite beautiful. I love that they are in sync.

  2. Ha! what a fun place you have here. I love the turquoise in the doggie photos, and that you've captured their synchronicity. thank you for your kind comments, and for stopping by my place. I truly do appreciate it.

  3. How gorgeous they are in sync! In the last photo they almost look as if they were a two headed dog! lol.

  4. I am so glad the three of you like them, and knickknacks, I have posted photos of them looking like a two headed dog, I think you might like looking at this if you like this post!

  5. How many times have I been here and been called away before I could leave a comment? At least 5.... Every time I come, there's something else that's wonderful to read and see! Your blog reminds me of watching a wonderful artsy movie!!! (In other words, "it's super!")

    Well, I loved the ducks and the photos of you and your man and the beautiful well and the coffee sounds outstanding - I want some!!! - your dogs are not only beautiful but hysterical and, well, lots more! I had seen that you knew that 'denim' was french, too. =] I love history.

    best wishes, Katy Noelle