Thursday, 1 July 2010


As a follow on to my Tribute to Mumbo entry
This is my very own little Manga Character......

Everything about him just leaves me in awe.... I was told by my Godfather at my mother's funeral that my Mum used to love watching me and never tired of it. My mum used to say to him how she just loved to watch me because I just filled her with laughter and joy. This is how I feel about Dexter - I just love watching him too and knowing that I made my Mum feel the same way makes me love doing it all the more.

Hope Dexter has the same experiences when he is all grown up, that to me is the bigger picture!

Bigger Picture Moment


  1. i love watching my kids. especially when they're imagine playing and talking to themselves. it's the best. the best!

  2. i too love watching my baby girl! Dexter is such a little cutie, love that name too! :) Seriously, now that i have a baby, she is all the entertainment i need! :)

  3. That hat!!! I love it :) You can see his personality shining through the photos. Thank you so much for linking up, what a beautiful moment!

  4. Oh, that hat is so CUTE on him! I can see exactly why you just love watching him :)

    So glad you joined up with Bigger Picture Moments!

  5. Adorable! I love when life comes full circle like that.