Friday, 2 July 2010

Happy, happy, happy

Yep, Dexter and Ben are reunited and had a great day playing and laughing together. We picked Dexter up on Saturday morning and took them to an outdoor adventure play park before going for a walk in the woods and then off to the beach.

The play park was a huge success, and I can tell you, this ball swing is so much fun as I too had a go on it! Anders span me round on it so fast that I was shrieking (had people laughing and asking me how I felt afterwards) as I shouted "stop, stop I am going to fall off" only to have Anders push me even harder! Eventually when I shouted, "stop it or I am going to be sick" did he stop, and as I flopped off, I staggered around laughing feeling completely dizzy - so yep, this is indeed a fun thing!

And then there was the arial zip run.....

Which looks a lot of fun too but I have not had a go on it yet!!!

Then we went for a walk, which was also really nice and gave Marvin & Carly the chance to run and play. Dexter & Ben played at throwing pine cones at each other and trying to see if they could find any woodland treasures.

before getting some ice lollies - yum yum!

Then we headed off to the beach for even more fun!

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