Saturday, 10 July 2010


The forecast weather wise was for rain, all weekend, and it was right! It has poured down, but we have made the most of it by doing things that when it is sunny you might not necessarily be in the mood for, and today it was drinking hot chocolate! If you are on a diet - don't look!

This is the window of the Chocolate Tree.

However, you have to be the Flash if you are to get any chocolate when Anders is about. Yes, he looks charming but when it comes to chocolate he is a man possessed!

Now you might think that it is me or Dexter that are the chocolate junkies - we are not! Anders is unbelievable. We all love really good dark chocolate which they serve here, but Dexter and I are happy with just a small amount to hit the spot. Anders on the other hand, well he just turns into some possessed maniac, seriously.

He pretends to be polite and not that bothered. At the counter, he casually says to me "oh you just chose something nice for me darling", and lets everyone think he is being a sweetheart to me and Dexter allowing us to satisfy our cravings. Little do they know, but I have the pictures to prove it....

So, I ordered a thick very dark hot chocolate for Anders which is served in a dainty floral tea cup with a homemade pastry. The presentation is really for my benefit (it is lovely) as for Andrew, you would be as well bringing in a trough, although he did say "this is really pretty" before shoving his snout into it whilst Dexter and just laughed!

I ordered a very dark 85% coco but not in a thick drinking style, and this is served in a large mug which I thought Dexter and I could share and 3 homemade chocolates. One in the shape of Buddha which is filled with a ginger filling, and 2 marmalade chocolates which look like tiny cupcakes.

The shop is really lovely full of chocolate things all homemade and include cakes, chocolates, drinks although you can also have tea and coffee there too. Really though you go there for chocolate!
Now I did say, Anders was a chocolate junkie and he is, not only did he scoff the drink and pastry which were ordered for him, but he ate the chocolates too, only giving me and Dexter a nibble of one of them which resulted in Dexter trying to strangle him as Anders said "oh, I thought you didn't want anymore" - as if!

He then looks at you like the cat in Shrek - it is pitiful, and you just start laughing!

So as I say, he ate what we ordered for him, and the drank most of the drink that Dexter and I shared. If I had ordered more, it would have been in his stomach quicker than you can say Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka!

That said, it was a nice place to spend a little time on a very wet day, just after being soaked in the rain from having walked Marvin & Carly.....

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