Thursday, 15 July 2010

I am driving in my car!

This post is about vehicles so bear with me as I am going to go from picture box picturesque classic vehicle to ..... well just read the whole entry!!!

Here's a Church (St Giles Cathedral to be exact with cars way in the distance).....

....and here's a Steeple (below picture Scots Monument to be exact)

..... look inside the top decker bus in front of me (well not literally) and see some of the people (again, not literally, just rhymed)! It does get better promise......

Now we may be in Ramsay Street (well Lane really but shhhh), but this is not Neighbours or Australia, albeit the sky is blue. Follow me to see what I found.....

.....and round the corner we have Ramsay Gardens....

..... and a beautiful setting/backdrop for this Citreon 2CV!

Talk about a great place to park it for an advert!

Talking of adverts, look how the Citreon has come on:-



  1. I have a picture of that very same car in Edinburgh! I thought about posting it too, but it would technically be cheating since I took it last summer. I might post it anyway, just for fun.

  2. I assume that the car belongs to someone who lives there and that street works so well with classic cars - I don't normally venture up that way but and went up to photograph the buildings and there it was screaming to be photographed! Might take our VW splitty there and photograph it as it is a fantastic setting for it!

  3. Love that car. My mum had one of those when I was growing up, happy memories...

    Have a great day. xxx

  4. I love those cars! So vintage and cool!

  5. that is the cutest little car!

  6. That car is so different and neat. All your shots were great!

  7. I'm in love with that car! But oh, the looks I would get driving it in the US