Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Loch Ness

Scotland has some beautiful landscapes, and this is what you see if you drive along the road which goes by Loch Ness which we did as we went to Inverness.

The stories that the waters and shores could tell, the battles it will have seen as well as the feasts, perhaps some of them at Urquhart Castle which sits on the banks.

And then as you get nearer Inverness, you pass a small (well a few) Marinas. On the banks were some Ducks whose reflection you could see clearly in the crystal clear waters.

Clearly one of the boat owners was a Rod Stewart fan!

Here he is then, singing Maggie May, one of our exports, Rod Stewart, and like Old Rod, Loch Ness is a step back in time!!!


  1. I've always dreamed a visit to the Loch Ness - your photos make it even more tempting.

  2. I should work for the Scottish Tourism Industry - ha, ha! Seriously though, I am so glad you liked the photos and they tempt you - Loch Ness happens to be the very famous one is is also very big! That said there are lots of Lochs in Scotland, equally as pretty if not nicer!.