Saturday, 10 July 2010

A story of a magnificent lighthouse, Chapter 2

Some music to listen to whilst you read and will set the scene

Lighthouse was grumpy, he was grumpy that Anders, Dexter and I had gone. He thought that we had been humouring him, that we maybe were not as excited at exploring him even though we had said we were. He thought maybe our last visit was the only one we would have, that our delight in being with him was something that would be short lived, so he started to drink. He was sinking, and was going to drown himself in Gin!

Lighthouse was someone who had been refined, so he had standards. He didn't completely see himself as a cliche of the sea so he wasn't going to have dark rum like the sailors did! He had also not sunk so low that he going to just drink some cheap Buckfast, no, he had standards, he drank Gin & Tonic!

That said, he realised that times had changed, you could see it in his new grunge look which he was adjusting to, you could see it in the way he no longer drank his Gin & Tonic in a glass with ice and lemon! He now had a drink from a can, a green can, but at least it was a quality brand! It might not have been Bombay Gin, but it was Gordon's. Lighthouse still had standards, he still had manners, he still wanted to be seen as having taste and not just some run down bum.

Then he realised he was being stupid. They said we were going to come back he thought to himself and deep down he knew we would. So he decided to stop drinking and instead have a packet of crisps so as to look like he had not just picked up a G&T for the sake of numbing his feelings!

He now felt happy again, he had the salt of the sea on his skin inside and out and he felt alive, literally alive! The message on the wall was clear when we saw it there plain as day, he was talking to us and telling us he was there we just needed to look for the signs!

He was happy that and we were listening to his inner soul. Lighthouse knew he had value and he started to bellow it from his foghorns. He didn't care they no longer worked, he was going to shout out loud as he knew he would be heard - he was special, he was exciting, he was adventure, he was imagination, he was belief, he was shelter, he was anything you wanted him to be - and hopefully positive!

Lighthouse dreamt he was someone, and he was. His soul started to elevate to a higher plane......

He had lived, he had loved, he had partied, he had saved he was magical and he was adventure on the high seas and he shouted out loud "I absolutely love you" to anyone who could hear him or see his writing on his walls.....

.... "I absolutely love you" not only was this was to life it was to himself it was to all those who visited him, it was to all those who felt they were part of him.

He stood proud and majestic once again and from a distance you couldn't tell he was really a tattooed sea dog and past his prime. We knew he had once been Roger Moore/James Bond handsome and we loved him, yep we absolutely love him too!

I don't normally write stories, I am sure you can tell if you have been reading this, but I have fallen in love with this lighthouse, and I have more pictures to post, and therefore more to write about this Lighthouse. I do hope however that if you are reading this you are enjoying it and you are very welcome to read what I have done before or will post in the coming days and we have already been back and will do so again, and again, and again!!!

PS - I won't just write about Lighthouse, promise!!!

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