Friday, 2 July 2010

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Last week had the longest day of the year, Midsummer and to celebrate this the Royal Botanic Garden kept the gardens open until 10pm and had a Danish Choir singing songs outside their Victorian Glasshouses, which in themselves are quite stunning.

This is one of the glasshouses, and inside is a spectacular lily pond

So whilst the choir continued singing outside (which I did listen to for a bit (20 minutes or so). Although the beginning was rather nice with the birds singing in background (I thought the bird song added to it) they are not the best choir I have heard, but the idea was lovely), I went inside the glass house to see my favourite room within it....

The Lily Pad Room
Each lily pad is gigantic, a fully grown person could easily sit on top of one, cross legged, and still there would be room! Not that I have tried this out though......

.....but I have often wondered!

There was a magnificent fuchsia pink flower, bigger than my hand which was so stunning amongst the green.
Last time I was here was Chinese New Year 2009 and you got to make paper lotus blossoms and put them out to float on the pond with messages/wishes. The glass houses were also decorated with lanterns shame they were not able to keep them all year round.

There is also a Sparrow Hawk nesting in one of the trees which they have pointed a 24hr camera on so it can be watched without it knowing that that is happening. The eggs have not hatched yet though.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying reading my blog........

as often as you like, you are always welcome!


  1. Looks like a lovely day. What an enchanting place!

  2. Oh what pretty lily pads and that flower! And thanks for the welcome! I would sure be hopping by often! ;)