Monday, 19 July 2010

Medieval Jousting

Firstly, get into the spirit of this Medieval setting by listening to this video. As you watch, imagine I am the fair maiden, Anders is singing and well Dexter is the little person!!!

This is Drumlandrig Castle where there was a jousting tournament held on Sunday. Drumlandrig castle belongs to the Duke & Duchess of Buccleugh and their family home has stood here for hundreds of years. It is said that the Jacobite rebellion stayed here with Bonny Prince Charlie and that some of their troops rode horses up the main stairs!

Also, Neil Armstrong, the famous US astronaut stayed in the same room Bonny Prince Charlie stayed in when he was over visiting trying to research his family ancestry - there you go!

4 Knights were there to battle for victory, the Black Knight ironically was riding on a horse named Dexter! The tournament is I believe an annual event in the grounds of the castle.

This knight is apparently French and came 4th place!
Below is the Black Knight who is showing the audience the winner of last years tournament - yep his head!

Some more interesting things about this castle, there are very valuable paintings as well as antiques dating back as far as the 15th century!

This is The Black Knight riding on Dexter the horse (close up of Dexter the horse below)!

The blue knight who became victor was a local boy done good and the green knight was actually a Lady!

It was however only the Black Knight who was given a favour of a leopard print boulder holder! Clearly there are some very serious female fans in the crowd!!!

This was the medieval compere!

After the Black Knight managed to knock the Blue Knight off his horse, a sword fight began to find the victor!

The Blue Knight was victorious and won the golden cup!

The Black Knight vowed to come again!!!

First time we have been to a jousting event and actually round the castle itself and afterwards we had a cup of tea in their cafe which is situated in the old kitchens before heading home. Need that cup of tea after all that safety dancing!!!

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  1. wow, this sounds like so much fun! love that you ended the day with a cup of tea :)

  2. that looks like quite the experience to see.Great photos!

  3. Very cool! I'd love to see that in person instead of just reading about jousting in books or watching in movies.

  4. The closest that we have to this is a restaurant called Medieval Times. It's in strip malls and you eat with your hands and drink large amounts of alcohol from a mug that looks like a knight's head all while watching a jousting tournament that is SO fake.

    Your Medieval jousting looks so much more legit!

  5. I enjoyed your whole post from the music video through your great photos.