Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tempting destinations or false advertising?!

You Decide!

Saw some billboard on the side of a stationary advertising truck thing (great description thing, but not sure what to call it and although I say stationary, it is that because whatever transported it there had done so to leave/abandon it there for a period of time!) which made me grin as I thought they were funny and charming at the same time in their attempt at advertising! So to put you in the mood for one of these destinations, here is a wee music clip (also because I love the accordion played in this style and have one which I am teaching myself to play - surprise snippet of information that you might not know about me!)

The adverts I came across are therefore potentially meant to tempt you to these destinations......

Trouble is, it was right next door to this industrial site in Leith in which the sign that was up wasn't quite right...... deep water to be seen (unless they moved it to the actual docks themselves and then that would be stating the obvious) so which of these are tempting destinations or false advertising?!

Well for me, listening to the music and catching the video, I am in the mood for chocolate, yummy French pastries (in fact yummy food period), romance, flowers, walks, art, music, clothes and dressing up - Paris!

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