Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dexter Jr is fitting in so well

Dexter Jr (for those of you who are new to this blog, he is our new cat who we got from the cat & dog shelter and was called Dexter too as is my son - wrote about it after the Shhh entry earlier in June) has settled in so so well.

He has visited our vet and had his first jab. Vet reckons he is no more than 9 months old (which is what I thought), and he is just fantastic and fast as lightening.

He is also so affectionate, but also very playful and runs around the house, tries to ambush us (no claws) and is just really funny and full of life. We are just so happy to have him as he as fitted right in with our family, but then given the
circumstances of us meeting him I think fate had a lot to do with it!

Here he today.


  1. I am curious. How do the dogs get along with Dexter Jr?

  2. You know knickknacks, he has fitted in so well and the dogs were used to Wee Girl (the cat we just lost) so they don't have an issue with cats. There have been no hisses or fights, and now he (Dexter JR) chases them, stops and gets them (Marvin & Carly) to chase him, it is hilarious to watch.

    Anders and I have not met a cat like him, he is unbelievably affectionate for such a small cat, and we have just realised he has learnt how to open closed doors by jumping onto the handle to pull it down. I am going to have to video him doing it....

    He even slept close to the dogs yesterday, and Anders and I don't think it will be too long before they are sleeping together.

  3. Oh how cute! :) Do film him when you can, it would be so fun to watch!