Monday, 7 June 2010

Passing on the love

Thank you to Laura (my lovely friend in NZ) and Sam (who kindly awarded me these from just popping in now and again to view my blog) for these 3 awards. I am really touched, especially as I have only been blogging since April - WOW.

Now, part of being awarded these is that I in turn have to pass the love on (love of a blog) to 10 other people! I am therefore passing on all three of these to the following people.

Don't think you have to give all of these 10 in one go (I have not) or all three to the same people (but I have with the exception of Lloyd as you already have one from Laura) but you do have to give the 10 out as and when you feel in the mood to spread some lovin'! Hope this makes sense.

So my first recipients are (and I give them to you because I think you have charming blogs which inspire me and make me laugh). The down side of getting the Beautiful Blogger award is you have to say 10 things about yourself too - I have done it, so apparently you do too!

  1. - love this blog, Leigh you have inspired me and make me laugh a lot.
  2. - love you and hope we get to taste your lovely food again sometime soon over in NZ and see your place.
  3. - Love your restaurant "The Saint", Marvin & Carly love Kingston, and I think you are really interesting, cool, creative, charming and funny.
  4. - you have taken some fantastic photographs of your two Viszlas, and when we were getting Marvin & Carly, I stumbled upon your blog which made our decision to get our two Viszlas all the more easy. Dexter & Ditto, you are really funny, and clearly we have a bond as our son is called Dexter too!!!
  5. - see you have not got two of the awards I have received, and Laura, your blog is the reason I started doing this and you have made me go crazy with it!
  6. - stumbled upon this blog via "you capture" photography challenge which Leigh vs Laundry let her followers into, hence why I found out about it. Bec's blog is really nice, with lots of genuinely charming posts in it so I think she well deserves these awards too. Bec's your blog is lovely.
  7. - another blog I stumbled upon like that of number 6. Beautiful pictures here, and I think Laura (number 5 will really like this one too as they both have labradoodles and like taking macro photos which are really lovely). Jane captures nice photographs so well worth having a peep.
  8. - this is the person behind creativity bootcamp which is turning out to be a lot of fun....
  9. - I have just come across this post and it is just so beautiful, inspiring and kawaii - love it, love it, love it.
  10. - And this mother blog to ohbabybaby - equally as kawaii and inspirational - I am so excited to have found you!
So my lovelies, thank you for your inspiration and for making me laugh - spread the love and be happy!


  1. I don't know why I can't biddy biddy bum all day long . . . .

    Congrats on your awards!

    xo Erin

  2. Thank you...I am honoured and will promptly put this lovely award in my trophy case.

  3. thank you my lovely!
    I knew I had an evil plan up my sleeve when you started this - to get as many awards as possible mwahaha!

  4. Thanks so much!!! I've been getting a lot of these lately and it makes me feel good!

  5. Thank you Joanna!! and Congratulations!! love catching up with you and your family's escapades...on the blog...and in real life!! x

  6. Thank you so much! I am honored!