Sunday, 20 June 2010

I want to break free!

Dexter Jr has fitted into our family like a glove. He sits with us, he has even sniffed the dogs up close and personal, and just loves being in our company. Clearly he was meant to be with us and I cannot believe the 2 sets of people who owned him both returned him to the cat rescue saying he was vicious, hated kids and bullied their dog! Wow, if he had been a dog that would be him living there forever (because they do not destroy cats or dogs) - basically he would have become a lifer and he is only 6-9 months old still lets you pick him up by his scruff so he is clearly still a kitten!

He is absolutely not how the other 2 owners described. He is just so soft and gentle it is quite amazing. He lets you kiss his face, he kissed us too, and has let us rub his tummy and purred whilst we are doing it; rubbed against the dogs on his second day with us, has not hissed once - unbelievable and were we right to bring him home. Wee Girl didn't do that and she lived with our previous dog for 14 years. Once Wee Girl had decided (after a couple of years) that our last dog was ok, the dog was not interested, but he loved other cats and used to drool watching them wanting to give them a big lick!

Dexter Jr however is not allowed out until he has settled and really knows this house is his home otherwise he will wander and not return. Also, because he is just so delightful, he will be instantly stolen and added to some old dears harem unless he knows to come back!!! So......

....we were dining alfresco in the main garden last night, but we cannot let Dexter Jr out to join us.

Poor wee soul, he watched us dining and at the lovely garden he will eventually get to roam about in. As you can see he really wanted to come out to join us but we couldn't let him. We have been told to keep him indoors for at least 3 weeks so he settles in his new home and marks it as his territory so he will know where to return to once he does get to go into our garden.

Can't you almost hear him singing "I want to break free"......

I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love for the first time
And this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love yeah
God knows God knows I've fallen in love

And we all have with you too Dexter Jr, but we can't let you out just yet - soon you can join us in the garden as we dine alfresco!

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