Thursday, 24 June 2010

Heaven Sent .....

Well, today inspiration was found when I least expected it.....

Having said that I found the subject of "getting down low" really tough, I found my inspiration whilst waiting for Anders to finish his kickboxing class. Normally, I too would be participating in the class, however the sun came out and it was far too hot to leave Marvin & Carly in the car so given we had had the same issue on Tuesday in which I did the class, it was only fair that today Anders did the class and I sit out.

Sitting on the grass with Dexter (who does the class before and then normally sits watching us do our class) who came outside with me and sat on the grass drawing pictures I thought to myself "you know what, I am going to get down low and see if I can take some pictures I am genuinely proud of". I must have taken about 200 photographs thereafter, I kid you not. I took some lovely ones of Dexter with Marvin & Carly, and some of the cars in the car park, some rubble in a ditch and even some pebbles cemented into concrete all of which had a charm and I will list at some point.

However..... Carly excelled herself posing for me just towards the time when the Kickboxing class was ending. She is clearly a catwalk model of the doggy world! As I moved over to a little hill and lay down, Carly sat just in front of me and the backdrop of the stunning blue sky with fluffy heavenly clouds behind her just to me were the inspiration and perfection I was looking for and even if I do say so myself, I am so impressed with these images.

The light breeze lifted her ears to flap gently in the breeze and she just looks like a postcard advertising serene beauty!

And our session ended when I started to slide down the hill flat out. Carly thought this must have been part of it as she joined in and we both landed in a heap at the bottom whereupon Marvin jumped in too much to the laughter of Dexter who couldn't believe what he was seeing, his Mummy sliding feet first on her front down the hill with Carly and laughing out loud the way you do on a roller coaster. It was just fantastic, inspiring and great fun.


  1. Great captures! The colors are so vivid.

  2. Looks like some sort of dog commercial. Great captures.

  3. You truly did find your inspiration! The second shot is my favorite, you must frame it!

    You had me laughing with the end to your story. :)

  4. Very cool photos. That second one is my favorite. Aren't dogs the best, always there for you when you need a little inspiration. Well done both of you.

  5. Carly is one beautiful dog. Oh my goodness. Just stunning!

  6. Oh yes, that dog of yours is camera candy.