Sunday, 27 June 2010


Well today was not a great day for me, everything today just went wrong for me, so whilst I normally really love the colour red, today it is not so great.

Went swimming to realise on arriving at the gym, I had forgotten my stuff - doh.... but Anders and Dexter still went and had a great time. No they didn't say "oh stupid you, but we will drive home and get them and come back again" no, instead I just had to sit on the side and watch! I felt like a child who was being punished! You may well ask, "how could you forget your stuff", easy, I always keep my gym stuff in the car which has my swim things (and only take the dirty sweaty stuff out), but yesterday I took the whole lot out" - double doh!!

The pool was really lovely and inviting the water looked turquoise and so so lovely the type you just want to do a run and dive bomb jump into. I know it is not very ladylike, but having an 8 year old boy, I get to do that with him (of course making sure that nobody is in our way)!!!

But I couldn't jump in, or let Dexter push me in, or do anything in the water as I didn't have my swimming things and I therefore felt very very sorry for myself at not being able to join in!

I then thought, well I will try and turn this into something fun and take photos of Anders and Dexter having a good time I got stopped by the management! I was told that I couldn't take photographs of them playing in the pool (because of a stupid UK legislative rule that has a purpose but not when it is taken to the ridiculous extreme) and at that point I was starting to get really annoyed more because there was nothing I could do about it!

So again, felt very sorry for myself and said to Anders once he and Dexter were dressed and ready to go home, "you know, I am just going to go home get my stuff and come back here and go swimming myself as it looked really nice"! I just wanted some sympathy and for Anders to say, ok lets do something nice for you - but no instead I got "ok if that is what you want"!

You see, having stripped the beds, done 6 loads of washing, unfilled and filled the dishwasher, cleaned the grill before mid-day with no help I was now really annoyed that Anders had not helped at all, and showed no sympathy for my forgetting my stuff - instead only giving me sarcasm! I therefore felt a "stuff you, if you don't care enough to do something nice with me then I will just go off by myself" response was needed! So....

... we all came home, I put another washing load out to dry and then got my stuff and went back to the pool. No sooner had I gotten into the pool and started swimming a couple of lengths to let of steam (thinking, why did I do this) I had to get out as the management informed everyone that the pool had to close because there was not enough chlorine in it! You can only imagine how I felt!

Stopped off at one supermarket to find it was closed (6pm now and I arrived at 6.05pm)! Went to another one and got the stuff I needed for tea as I knew Anders wouldn't have made anything given the day I was having, and I was right. He and Dexter had spent a lovely time with Marvin & Carly having gone for a really nice walk and found a secret waterfall, seen the heron I so so love seeing and had a fantastic time without me - (was I jealous, upset, angry - yep and royally so) - I just wanted to burst into tears "this was not my day" and is officially a day where I am both red with rage and embarrassment for being so very sorry for myself - really pretty rubbish and all my own fault!

Lesson: positive things happen to positive people!
I will therefore give my bum a right bright red kick and awaken tomorrow feeling my more than usual positive self - thank God I hear Anders thinking!!!

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