Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Wasp Woman - Part 1, Aaaaargh!

Part One
This will be me this weekend I am sure! Why you ask.... well please read on......

Fly - well my perfect caption I did earlier this month when I entitled a blog entry "I am Free" - it was perfect for this topic as were some of the (what I think were great entries) of my dogs Marvin & Carly from earlier late May - they are always free when running around together and are really beautiful which would have made this task for me a doddle! SO I THOUGHT "AAARG - SHIT"!

But it's Saturday I hear you saying, you should embrace this time! Quite right, it is Saturday, and normally I would most definitely be thinking yey I have lots of time to spend on this topic and given it is the weekend, my usual own personal challenge of trying to do these as quickly as possible can slip and I can really allow my creative side to fly off into my own little fantasy and actually you can really go so many places with this word so you would be right. However this is no ordinary Saturday - no I am gutting out two bedrooms this weekend as I have to get this done now for Monday a definite deadline there you see which was only sprung on me yesterday late afternoon - so the pressure is most definitely on!

If this was not the case then I would most definitely had the luxury of getting excited by this topic as to me the word fly can represent flying and in turn being free (hence earlier blog entry) or elevated to extreme happiness - really uplifting topic. Of course it can also mean sadness too or indeed winged creatures.

On top of this we are to put a feeling of ornamentation into it - creative grace, like I am really in a mood to be graceful!

So I know I am therefore going to be somewhat frustrated buzzing around (both in my head choosing what to keep and what not to keep where to put things....) and also with the fact that I am having to do this in the first place (I really do not like cleaning in this boot camp fashion but I do love the results)! There is also every possibility that I will get annoyed with my husband if he tries to show some sarcasm or wit which normally I would find funny, but probably not when I am being a martyr - a card I mostly play when I am doing this hated of chores.

So actually when I came across this picture of "The Wasp Woman" I thought it was perfect as it represents me this weekend (and sometimes other times too)!

I am married to a man who loves Marvel and DC Comics and has kept them since he was a child. We both love the drawings that they have, and in turn the old style 1950's and 1960's paperback books that you used to get. Old movies which have inspired Tarantino too which have fantastic trailers which cannot help you laugh - all good stuff and today very apt even if I do say so myself! With a start like this therefore, perhaps my ordeal of cleaning might turn out not to be so bad - maybe I will be able to sing la, la, la and some birds will fly into the window along with some squirrels, neighbourhood cats who will all duly tidy up the bedrooms whilst I dance around in bliss like a princess - I do love that film Enchanted it makes me laugh it is so great. Yes maybe I will be Giselle..... nah who am I kidding, I will be Queen Narissa.... or will I - you decide!!!!

With that I am off to start.... well after a cup of tea and a graceful attempt to sum up some birds by singing the "Happy Working Song" ... go on have a look at this and think of me:

Come my little friends as we all sing a happy little working song
Merry little voices clear and strong
Come and roll your sleeves up - so to speak - and pitch in
Cleaning crud up in the kitchen as we sing along
Trill a cheery tune in the tub as we scrub a stubborn mildew stain
Pluck a hairball from the shower drain to that gay refrain of a happy working song
We'll keep singing without fail - otherwise we'd spoil it
Hosing down the garbage pail and scrubbing up the toilet - ooh!
How we enjoy letting loose with a little ladadumdumdum!
While we're emptying the vacuum up it's such fun to hum a happy working song - ooh! -
A happy working song
Oh how strange a place to be
'till Edward comes for me, my heart is sighing
Still, as long as I am here I guess a new experience could be worth trying
Hey! Keep trying!
You can do a lot when you've got such a happy working tune to hum
While you're sponging up the soapy scum
We adore each filthy chore that we determine
So friends, even though you're vermin, we're all happy working (Duh)
Singing as we fetch the detergent box for the smelly shirts and the stinky socks
Sing along
If you can not sing then hum along
As we're finishing our happy working song!

boot camp

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  1. Your wasp woman is SO COOL! Reminds me of Mothra and the like, but so much cooler!

    xo Erin