Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Heavy Metal, not so heavy after all and makes you feel good......

boot camp

Well, my first thought was "Heavy Metal" well at least the topic is not as "heavy" my take on "Multi-layered", ummmm!

I love taking photos, as it is so easy to put up on the blog - it is not my "preferred" choice, that said, for the blog, it is what I always use.

So my initial reaction after that was oh, um....well (light bulb flash and quickly extinguish as I thought) I could say music, and look up you tube for Metallica when they played with the Philharmonic Orchestra which is fantastic - but then that was a bit obvious for the topic hence light bulb off. That said, if you are reading this and you have not heard Metallica you really should it is a great take on it. And the light bulb flashed again - twice!

Heavy Metal - the gym, the pumping and grinding that has made my husband look fantastic - I think a bit of a Spartan and lucky me! It has not gotten the same results for me, but it does work, as you can see when you watch the dramatic turnarounds the Biggest Loser US & Australia gets from their contestants. Luckily, I don't have the same volumes of weight to lose, but we all need to do exercise - it lifts the soul, it makes you feel better, look better and hopefully live a longer and fuller life. And if you really put your foot to the metal, the results happen sooner - all positive stuff really. I know some people think "nooooo, I think it is boring", I did too, but now I love it - I come away feeling uplifted and great and more importantly I see a huge smile on my husband and son's face they are proud of the fact that I have done something that is really good for me and them. I also like to do the bootcamp exercise as an immediate impulse reaction - not necessarily the right thing to do, but it is how I am choosing to do this so there!!

Heavy Metal therefore is not really as heavy as all that the results bring joy, pride and accomplishment. My son wants his Mummy & Daddy to be around for a long long time, so I do this for him as well as me - I would be a stinking Mummy if I didn't and I really would not want to see him with a heavy heart because he was worried that I was growing overweight (we all know that being overweight is not good, and dieting does not lift the spirits especially and it is so hard to share in this pleasure with your loved ones if you have to deny yourself it - better to lift the heavy metal stuff I think!).

And whilst thinking about this and en route out of the door this morning I spotted a treasured picture he drew for me and his Daddy when we were in New York nearly 4 years ago now! It is amazing and of a huge lump of metal and I love his take on it:-
My inspiration for my going to the gym to pump the "Heavy Metal" my beautiful, funny, creative, lovely, sweet and amazingly dynamic boy Dexter who has inspired me every day of his life and now that I think about it inspired me to make this "Heavy Metal" necklace above left (he makes even cooler ones, believe me he really does and has even sold 4 of them at the age of 8)!

And actually, now that I am in such an uplifted mood there are so many heavy metal things that I could photograph to show you (much quicker you see) - Heavy Metal is a beautiful thing it is all around us and if you let it in will uplift your soul. I know your first impression can be "nooooo" but then for me anyway I begin to nod my head in a rhythmic but not all out hair tossing way and think "yes, yes, yesssss" long live heavy metal and the joy of it in all its shapes and forms.......(my head is now spinning with the possibilities, that light bulb is well and truly flashing like a huge light encased in an even bigger lump of metal that makes up a lighthouse - Heavy Metal, its a beautiful thing baby)!


  1. It was wonderful reading your thought process on heavy metal. I think your sons drawing says it all! Love the necklace too!!

  2. Very kind of you Irene, and very much appreciated.

  3. what a great post, love the drawing and the necklace. Anesha

  4. It's very interesting reading your thought processes and I've changed my mind 3 times already today about how I will interpret it...and still have to start writing!

  5. ooh how fabulous!!! i love the drawing and the necklace is gorgeous

  6. Love the necklace and the drawing ! Kids really get that whole creativity thing, don't they ? We just have to remember...