Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Our Camp Pitch......

Our camping set up on what turned out to be a perfect weekend annual camping trip! Friday was really pleasant, Saturday was glorious weather, but then around dinner time it slightly clouded over but for some miraculous reason, the heavy dark rain clouds that we could see coming in missed our campsite. Yep the deep dark clouds that you can see in my photos were all around in the distance circling us like a ring. It was clear to see they were very dark and full of heavy rain but we got none of it. We were told that it had been some of the heaviest rain that had ever fallen (don't know if that is completely true) but what was was everywhere around us experienced the equivalent of a tropical rainstorm except where we were camping - clearly this was meant to be a fantastic camping weekend!


  1. Is that your VW Van. I'm only slightly jealous!

    It sounds like y'all had a stroke of good camping luck!

  2. Yes Leigh, this VW is ours, we have had it for a few years not but actually it is too small now for Anders, Dexter and I with the 2 dogs - bit tight now because of the dogs, and not long before wee Dexter is not wee enough!

    We were so lucky with the weather, even managed to get a tan from walking about taking photos!! I literally took hundreds of photos, and it took me two nights to work on them and the postings, so they will be going up via "scheduled" releases over the coming week!!!