Monday, 14 June 2010

When I'm 63 according to Dexter

Found these drawings that Dexter did late last year. Interesting to see that this is how Dexter thinks I will look (cheeky monkey, he gets sarcasm and has a fantastic sense of humour so he was being funny with me when he was drawing these - humour he gets from Anders, his father always at my expense as I am their "straight guy" to their "funny guy" and all funny guy's need one) - perhaps I will look like the old lady in the photograph I took and put up on the blog this month (When I'm 64) - oh I do hope I will look a lot more youthful and will not require a walking stick to get around!!!

I see Super Mum has a similar resemblance to the drawing of me in 20 years time! Amazing how I am able to fly in one drawing but in 20 years from now I will need a walking stick - maybe that is my Clark Kent alter identity or maybe I am just knackered after all that flying and lugging about of the metal wings!!!

Now I think about it, Dexter has managed to do better interpretations of Fly, Grow, Metal & Multi-layered - and be psychic as to what I was going to be doing at boot camp!!!

First: Grow
Second: Fly
Third: Metal/Multi-layered - clearly both being Zombified & Robotic constitutes being multi-layered too!!!
Oh and Drizzle too as clearly there is sweat coming from my armpits!!!
Do you think I inspire him as much as he does me!

Drawings by Dexter last year - that's my boy!

boot camp

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