Monday, 21 June 2010

Orange Alert II

The lovely girl from the Globe (now New Town Deli) is returning to Canada where she is from. She has the most beautiful red hair which I just covet it is just so so stunning. It was only today however that I realised that actually, facially, she looks a bit like Pink! When I said this to her, she laughed and said "I have actually been told that quite a lot" - she really does, but her stunning red hair distracts this likeness!

Here is her mane close up - it is just so shiny, long and lovely......

And who would have thought, it matches Marvin & Carly perfectly! Do you think I have a wee obsession for Ginger!!!

She says she is coming back in a month, so we look forward to seeing you soon and hope you have a safe trip and great time back home.