Saturday, 19 June 2010

Old Spice.....It's like white water rafting....

That is what Dexter thought it would feel like (not that he has ever been, but Anders has and his description of it is how Dexter interpreted white water rafting as being).

I thought it looked like an advert for Old Spice from the 1970's

Because of that we went to the beach, and am I glad we did as we has such a lovely time.

So as you can see today, we went to the beach. We were going to go to Arthur Seat however it was closed off to traffic because of the Moon Walk which is a charity moonlight walk in aid of Cancer Research - glad that was the case as this was so much better.

The sea was frothy with lovely waves lapping into the shore as the tide was coming in. It looked so inviting that Dexter decided to walk right into it fully clothed, and once his shoes and socks were wet, he decided to take them off and run right in and dive into the waves as they rolled in with all his clothes on except for his shoes and socks (as if that would make a big difference)!

Luckily we always have a towel in the car, however the down side for him was that he had no change of clothes, so instead he had to go home in a towel -
turned out not to be as horrific as he initially thought it might be so I guess we better be prepared for him doing this again!

boot camp

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