Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The wonder of woman....

First off, if you are looking at this because you have scoliosis or a Milwaukee brace, and want to know more, perhaps look at this post I have done specially for it http://rmontalban.blogspot.com/2010/10/milwaukee-brace.html but please feel free to read this too if it is of interest.

Full Bodied - again I say Aaaargh as I had the perfect example of this under ornament just this Sunday past with my Cleo de Merode example. Her figure was just the most beautiful example of a curvaceous full-bodied woman - an example of beauty that just makes you proud to be a woman and happy to have big ass and tits!

So again, having set my own personal challenge to get this done quickly I thought - yep, you guessed it if you have read Wasp Woman part one -
"S@!*" - indeed!!
And then it came to me like the beautiful star spangled banner that she is - my 70's heroine..........
da, da, da, da, da, da - Wonder Woman!

Oh how I wished I could have been her as a child growing up - she was magnificent! I also would have been very happy being a Charlie's Angel too (maybe this could have been my fly interpretation) - generally wanting to be Farrah Fawcett, although Farrah wasn't really full bodied but she definitely had Kapow!

Now with being full bodied, desirable, with full on beauty that encapsulates many a woman, comes the not so great parts - letching and lust from unwanted sources. Most women have experienced this in one form or another and yes you just want to set some big ugly to go and poke them in the eye, but that too is what being woman is all about at times, and lets face it, we women also do it to men now - when we see a handsome "piece of tottie" - yep, I've done it too so what is good for the goose so they say. That said, I don't tend to let my thoughts get past my teeth, unless it is to my lovely Anders so I do not condone men when they think that it is ok to shout like some repulsive beast thinking some poor woman will find it flattering - generally they don't!!!

So having grown up from the age of 10 to 13 wearing a Milwaukee brace (not that you would know it now), I yearned to be one of these "popular and beautiful" images of femininity. I may not be a Linda Carter or Farrah Fawcett but I am me! I have turned a few heads of some very handsome men in my past and ultimately married a guy I think is so beautiful it is a real treat to wake up to him next to me every morning.
So maybe having this aspiration paid off. You can change the way you see yourself and the way other people see you. Nobody would ever think that I was the girl with the Milwaukee brace after all, and you know, as awful as that was wearing that contraption it made me who I am today (good and bad).

So everywhere you look you will be surrounded by images which inspire you for all different reasons, even on the walk I did last night I passed Hygena the Greek
Goddess, and she is so beautiful. And they say a woman is at her most beautiful when she is with child (pregnant and thereafter) and that is a sign of being healthy. Hygenia may not have been my inspiration growing up, she is the goddess of health. She was the inspiration for this walkway and therefore some Victorians and many people before that too, way back to Grecian times. I will never be the catwalk model shape in all its beauty that adorns the pages of magazines, but I will still be able to wear clothes that suit me and make me feel good.

This mineral water well is on the south bank of the Water of Leith, in an estate once known as St Bernard's. Just below a footpath is St Bernard's Well; the well-house was originally built in 1760. The waters of the well were held in high repute for their medicinal virtues, and the nobility and gentry took summer quarters in the valley to drink deep draughts of the water and take the country air. In 1788 Lord Gardenstone, a wealthy Court of Session judge who thought he had benefitted from the mineral spring, commissionedAlexander Nasmyth to design a new pump room. The builder John Wilson began work in 1789. It is in the shape of a circular temple supported by ten tall Doric order columns, with a statue made in 1791 from Coade stone of Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health, in the centre.


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  1. wow, full bodied text, full bodied pictures,and full bodied thoughts--great post!I wanted to be WonderWoman because of those darn bracelts and lasso

  2. I grew up in the 80s, with a strong dose of television re-runs. Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman were two of my favorites!

    Love this post....lets bring back that full-bodied beauty!

  3. No one will ever call me a full-figured gal - but I still like to dream I'm Wonder Woman:D

  4. This is a wonderful post...
    It makes one realize the importance of being whole, full, able...

  5. We need to see a pic of you in all of your beautiful glory!