Thursday, 10 June 2010

When I'm 64......

Growing old together
Park Life.....

Two generations of couples - wonder if the younger couple in the distance will be together when they grow old and grey......
Ironically, both couples are looking over the river, at a children's play park!

Wonder if they themselves are contemplating their lives as they watch the children play - will they grow up to be old, grey and happy - who knows!

Think the couple look older than 64, but when the Beatles wrote their song, I am sure they had this type of "old" image in their head, bit more psychedelic though!!! Just so happens the Beatles are one of my son's favourite bands (or has been for a long time) so he will have grown up with them too. How can anyone not like the Beatles?

So to finish off with, if you fancy, have a hop over with this link to listen to the Beatles "When I'm 64", go on and knock yourself out.... you know you want to!!!
boot camp


  1. wow i love this, such a beautiful picture and i love that song!!!

  2. Thank you Vicki for your kind words, I am glad that you love it and the song - good to cause a reaction in this way.

  3. Great photo, have a good day.

  4. What a beautiful picture and the thoughts that go along with it.

  5. LOVE this. That is the most creative I've seen today. Awesome catch.

  6. Great image, and I hope they are well over 64, as I am fast approaching that age! Don't feel like it, and never imagined myself as that age when the Beatles came out with the song. Time flies!

  7. That song always makes me smile, as do these photos. Great take on the prompt.

  8. I like this very much. I found it interesting and unique, which are qualities I love in art.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words, really touched. I was surprised when I saw them sitting on the bench in such a perfect setting bit like when I shot Parapluies of Portobello (first entry for May blog).

    Hope to hear from you again and that you continue to enjoy seeing my entries - big hug and kiss to you all!