Friday, 4 June 2010

The Horse Whisperer

As I started what turned out to be an amazing walk with Marvin & Carly, I passed some buttercups which I have not seen for quite some time (or noticed). As soon as I saw them a huge smile came over my face as it took me back to my childhood when I remember picking them and watching the sunlight bounce off them as they would light up your face if you placed one under your chin!
The walk continued through stunning green fields with the sun pouring down on us. Carly chased swifts through the long grass, Marvin just bounced like Tigger through the grass and I walked on the path smiling and thinking "god this is so beautiful". This walk was just blissfully lovely, and I thought the highlight would be seeing the forth road and rail bridges from a hill vantage point - how wrong I was as it only continued to get better......
So as I have already said, just as I thought this walk couldn't get any better, I came across three magnificent horses who came up to me despite Marvin & Carly barking because this was their first ever encounter with horses!
Two of the horses particularly were really curious to see me, just wish I had had apples with me, but I didn't. It didn't stop them letting me stroke their noses and generally be close to them and say how lovely they were whilst looking into their beautiful brown eyes.
The sun shone down with radiant beams of light, which when I realised I had captured made me even more excited as I had managed to capture the beauty that I had seen - it was magical!

What a lovely summer walk, I so look forward to having more of them.....

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