Monday, 7 June 2010

A very big thank you

I was so surprised when I returned from my camping trip this weekend to find out that another blogger had been popping into see my site (not as a follower) and as a result had kindly decided to nominate me for TWO awards!!! How very, very kind of you Sam at and thanks for leaving your comments on my Spiderman entry to my blog.

Now part of receiving these means I have to bestow them on 10 other people (part of the acceptance of them) which I will duly do but as it is currently 1.30am in the morning here in the UK I will not do it tonight! I have just spent several hours downloading all the photographs from this weekends annual camping weekend with friends of ours and then in turn editing them I am now rather tired! That together with watching a film with Anders - able to multi task like that (although Anders headed off to bed about a couple of hours ago). Film we watched was Law Abiding Citizen which was really good, but as I say, now I need to go to bed, so goodnight (or perhaps I should really be saying good morning!) and once again, thank you so so much.

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  1. well done! There's a wee surprise for you at my blog too xxxx