Friday, 11 June 2010

Stop, Look, Listen

Rushing around, it all starts early on,
Everything seems to be buzzing around,
What should you action or tie up and bind.

Life..... hell it’s about choices some good and some bad,
It's that fluidity that is exciting and keeps you feeling alive,
Our decisions can define us, so just do what feels right.
Hopefully that path will turn out bright!

Of course a haven for calm and time to reflect should also be embraced.
Just make a few seconds to "stop, look & listen" and let your heart do the rest!

This was such a charming sign on the pavement which I found outside a school playground, it had a stain on it which I thought made it even more "real"!

And for a wee bit more, some childish fluid humour: go on, look it up, you know your nose is telling you to have a peep!

boot camp


  1. i like your take on fluid, it's a good one!!! xxx

  2. This is wonderful, great take on the theme. Anesha

  3. Really good interpretation of the prompt, love the poem to go with it as well! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.