Monday, 14 June 2010

The Love Monster

The Love Monster would be ever so cold and sad without being able to give out the big hugs and kisses she needs to survive.
This love swells up and bursts from deep inside.
Your it's inspiration and it will never ever run away and hide.

No, the Love Monster just wants to drizzle you with kisses for ever and ever and ever - and you know you love it!!!


To Dexter - the best piece of art I ever made with your Daddy.
Nice to see I have the ability to change from The Wasp Woman (part one in June Blog particularly I really like even if I do say so myself as it makes me laugh, especially reading it now the weekend has ended) - but I suppose this one too can be annoying!!!

boot camp


  1. funnyyyy but love it! made me laugh-always a good thing!

  2. Cute! made me giggle!
    Love Monster ... LOL!