Friday, 18 June 2010

Dexter is spending quality time with Dexter Jr!

Well, this is quite a spooky tale, so sit down, grab a cup of tea and enjoy.......

The loss of our Wee Girl was great
It was unexpected and at a shockingly fast rate
which left our family, especially young Dexter in such an unhappy state
not to mention Marvin & Carly without their feline mate......

Having had Wee Girl from a tiny wee kitten
And never had a home without cat for which we had been smitten
We had a strong urge to visit the local rescue home
To see about adoption so went for a rome
(I know my rhyming sucks but bear with me)....

Now arriving we were unsure what to expect
Was it too soon to find another cat to love and protect
What was a shock there to find
Was Wee Girl's double inside
And ironically named Dexter - no joke, I swear it was like an Omen!

No more rhyming now (thank goodness is that I hear you say!!!)......

We had had long long chats with Dexter about how you don't ever replace a pet when our old dog died and we took 3 years to finally decide to get another dog - and got 2!

Cats, well they are so much easier to look after, so having seen Dexter Jr who looked like a 9 month old male cat and very playful, confident and so like Wee Girl when she had been a youngster, it was so much easier to say, yep we will get another cat. Dexter Jr had come into the shelter as a stray, been housed for 3 weeks (again no joke) to a family who had a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier feeling that this cat would have been a great companion for it (but didn't tell the shelter they had a dog). They returned the cat saying it bullied the dog - what can you say to that!

Having always had a home with a cat, 14 years of which was with a Weimaraner before we got Marvin & Carly, so we knew - generally
cats are top of the pack. Marvin & Carly love cats, as did our old Dog. We know our dogs, and we are really good with cats and know you need to match the right ages/temperaments we were pretty sure that Dexter Jr would fit right in. No point in taking on an old cat who didn't have the energy levels of our two as that would not be fair. Dexter Jr we felt was perfect - perhaps fate was bringing us together.

The shelter interrogated us for an hour and said they would put him on hold for us but for us to sleep on it overnight, if we hadn't changed our mind then to bring in Dexter (our son) to see that they got on ok which we did. We didn't tell Dexter what we had planned for today, and picked him up from school not telling him where we were going. We arrived at the shelter which also has dogs saying they did agility training so were going to look into that for Marvin & Carly. At the reception when the lady said, "the people are here to see Dexter", Dexter looked saying "but I'm here" - confusing eh!

Anyway, he walked into the cattery excitedly and asked "can we get a cat" to which we said, "we will see". He straight away spotted Dexter Jr and shouted "look this one looks so like Wee Girl" (only difference he is neutered male and has a wee black blob on left eye which Wee Girl didn't) - and yes he did! We then said "guess what he is called Dexter"? "I don't know"...."Dexter"..... "I don't know" you get the gag....... he started laughing saying "no, is he" - yep he was!

His owners of a whole 3 weeks had called him Dexter after Dexter Morgan the series because they felt he had been evil! Actually, we love the series and given the horrible people he kills we think he actually does a community a service! Was this fate again?

Even before we got to take him home with us we got interrogated again, but convinced them that we were not being stupid and that we did know animals well. As we took him out to reception in our cat carrier, the manager said "goodness, he is so calm with you guys and looks really settled", he was, and even when we got him to the car and he heard the dogs, he was calm.

Since hehas arrived in our home he has been confident, calm, alert and settled. The dog's don't bother him one bit (they are really curious), and he has not hissed once at them, and has even brushed passed them teasing them - yep, he is a floozy! I don't think it will be long before he is sleeping with them, and playing with them even sooner.....
.....So we now have 2 Dexter's in our house, Dexter, and Dexter Jr or as big Dexter likes to say "mini me"!!! - look at this video though, it is just so unbelievably cute and funny......

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  1. I love this story you shared. Fun happening and what a named Dexter.

  2. Hello! I am a new follower from Follow Me Friday, look forward to reading more of your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. So glad that you enjoyed this Diana, it was just so strange and clearly meant to be. Not one growl from the dogs, and not one hiss from Dexter the Cat! Dexter is thrilled and all morning has been saying things like "look Mum, I'm playing with me" or "Where is mini me" and Dexter cat I can see is desperate to make friends with the dogs - he is not frightened by them at all and is walking close to them testing reactions - he will end up sleeping with them, I am sure!

    Hope you continue to enjoy your stay over here and welcome aboard to you both!

  4. Fantastic news - I think you're right - it's fate!
    My sister lost her cat a little while ago and then got another from a rescue place within a few days. She just felt the house and family were empty without one.
    My mum lost her dog and started looking for a cat and ended up with three - a mother and her two kittens.

    Unfortunately my son Daniel, is allergic so we dont have any pets. We can't agree on a dog because they need quite a lot of attention. We are out all day at work and school so it seems a bit unfair.

    Best of luck with your new addition - it sounds like you'll have a great time!