Friday, 11 June 2010

Men behaving badly!

Well, you will be glad to hear, I am starting to come to the end of my camping photos! There are a few more, but not many!!! So without further a-do, here is a photo of the big boys (although Anders has for some reason been cut off, but Dexter is sitting on his knee)! Callum kept us all amused with lots of stories, but what made us all laugh when he spoke in his fake German accent.

Chilled Steve is the organiser of this annual event, his dedication to ensuring that this happens is one that I have to say a big thank you to - who would have thought that I would have loved camping so much!

Dave, a seasoned camper with his VW T5 bus (cooking in it), is a also such a delight to go camping with, and the kids loved him teaching them Kung Fu on the Sunday morning.

Paul, well, what can one say about Paul - my advice was don't sit in that chair as it is not very flattering, but he did, live and learn Paul! This above photograph is one where unfortunately Bob (right) let something "rip", which even poor Callum could smell, hence why he is moving away! Bob retains his composure - you would not know he was the culprit of something so toxic and Paul, well he is trying to waft it away, but in his chair, just looks even more ..... well you decide!

Yes Bob, we know it was you, no point in pretending to see where it came from!!!
Without Bob, well, debate just wouldn't happen....... Mr Marmite who I can now say I think is very nice - yes Bob, you read correctly and it is on record now!!

Oh Paul, you should have listened, even Bob is thinking "I know, it is sad but laughing at him would be so wrong" and Callum too is trying to look serious as though to say "glad he is amused, not very funny, but he is happy and that's nice" - nah, you made us laugh a lot - thank you all for the great company.

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