Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Wasp Woman - Part 2, Flying High!

Part Two of The Wasp Woman!
you need to read part 1 first to stage the scene and understand my mindset (also love the picture I found of The Wasp Woman)

- a day of cleaning of my 8 year old son's bedroom! No time for me to be creative, just getting this room tidy again - woohoo (being sarcastic here) - but here is the result of hours of cleaning!
One tidy bedroom which my son is trilled with (just as well!)

Toys on the top of one of his bookshelves he has a lot of space related things and astronauts, well they fly very high which I suppose compliments this topic. Even they look happy (as they should)!

A ray gun Anders & I bought in Amsterdam before Dexter was born - I think it is really cool - just wish it worked in a way that you pointed it at what you needed cleaned and it would take care of it - alas, it doesn't....

Another bookcase which is now all dusted and sorted.

Now although I said all I would be doing is tidying all day I did manage to get out for about 45 minutes to grab something to eat outside. I couldn't stand the fact that it was actually really nice outside and I was stuck indoors. Well, as luck would have it or maybe it was destiny, when I was out, I saw some people skydiving in the middle of Edinburgh - izn't dat wierd (said in Dutch Austin Powers accent)? I mean, parachuting in central Edinburgh what are the chances?Three people were in the air parachuting down with some smoke which they made look like an arrow. Clearly I was destined to capture Fly, albeit it isn't a great shot but better than nothing!!

And this picture in Dexter's bedroom is rather apt flying!

Fate clearly wanted me to still get Fly in by getting me out of the house to see the parachuting - who would have thought it!

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  1. Two great post for your Fly prompt. Lovely photos really like the one of the bookcase. Have fun.

  2. I had so much fun reading your post and how you related to 'fly'. Your son has an awesome room. My adult son would have loved one like that.

  3. Love the fly prompt. And that bookshelf is amazing!

  4. Omigosh, what a fun bedroom your son has! My son (who is 23 now) loved Star Wars and space exploration, and he would have loved that bookcase, too. :) And skydiving?! Wow, I couldn't even get a decent shot of a bird! lol

  5. Your home looks like such a creative place! Love it.

  6. Your son's room is so cute! What a lucky little boy. I'm super jealous of that bookcase!