Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Definition: Consisting of or involving several individual layers or levels!
Well me and my family are all complex in that way
My lovely husband and son have such wonderful depth of great and strong character which can take on many forms like the sea.....
.... just like me!
I would like to think we are solid like the bark of a strong tree which matures and ages through time and even though it can feel like there has been some tough times (and in the grand scheme of things they can turn out to be nothing) we try to always retain dignity, charm, depth and beauty.....
...and we of course we can sometimes have our head in the clouds dreaming, hoping and moving on with our lives!
Lets face it, this is a bit heavy man!!!

boot camp


  1. What a lovely take on the theme, great photos. Anesha

  2. Those are all fantastic shots - but I love the first one of your husband and son. Amazing :)