Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hanky & Carly have a special love

Now, Anders and always clear up the poo that Marvin & Carly do on their walks, but that doesn't stop them having a fascination for poo they find on their walks. I will not go into any further details, suffice to say you tend to hear us shouting "NO" and that usually stops things getting any further!!!

So guess what toy Carly found which she has chosen to have as her New Best Friend! Yep Hanky the Christmas Poo (although he wears a sailor hat and not a Santa one!). Sometimes you see Marvin & Carly carefully sharing this toy together, but usually it is Carly fondly holding it in her mouth!

If you don't know who Hanky is, he is from South Park and if you want to go see him in action here is the link to his song......