Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ok, this is me!

The lovely Leigh from Leigh vs Laundry, yesterday asked me to show myself to you - well today I am not looking my best for the obvious reasons, but here I am literally lunchtime today - lumps, bumps, tired eyes an' all! Thought doing this might make the blog a bit less sad?

Don't like to get my photo generally taken, getting better at it though however try and avoid it and unless Anders is taking them, generally get away with it!

This is me cuddling Dexter in Venice last year, quite fitting as I do that a lot anyway, but especially today.
This however was me in Venice late July last year!

and generally in happier circumstances than today.

I am able to wear the highest of shoes, which are great because they give me height (I have the ability to walk on my toes like a ballet dancer) - oh how I would love to be tall, but I am not - and nothing I can do about that one!


  1. You look lovely. Love that black dress.

  2. You are lovely too, and extremely kind

  3. Joanna you always look beautiful. When I think of you I always picture you smiling because that's pretty much all I've ever seen you do.
    Even while pregnant and being sea sick on a boat after snorkelling ( on our fabby holiday) you were still smiling!!
    ps I love your hair like this.

  4. You are sassy! I mean, va va voom!
    Thanks for posting this. I always love to see what my favorite bloggers look like!

  5. Laura, I loved that holiday and I remember it well. It was that snorkelling trip when we were with the nurse sharks & lobsters I used to help visulize when giving birth! I might just post some of the pictures I took as it was an incredible holiday with two incredible friends.

    Leigh, you are very welcome and thank you, thank you, thank you, I am blushing! I am so really happy to be one of your favourite bloggers as you know I am a big fan of you too.

    Big hugs and kisses to you all....