Monday, 7 June 2010

A Dreamy House

I have fallen in love with a friends house - it is the first
time I visited them in their home with Anders & Dexter and I cannot wait to go back out again with my camera as the grounds of their house are so amazing, just didn't have anymore power in my i-phone having just taken a tonne of photos camping (there's a surprise, me taking photo's)! Have only just finished editing the photographs, so I will post my camping trip tomorrow, but for now I will start with the visit to our friends house as this is the treat which the weekend ended on.

The stunning garden
Lovely Dexter was so tired from having had a full weekend playing with his friends whilst camping, that he fell fast asleep on the settee and how cute I think he looked.

And the beautiful things that he had collected over many years - he just has exquisite taste, for me it was like falling into a fantasy island/aladdin's cave!

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  1. wow, wherever you were, i want to be there... beautiful decorations!