Monday, 21 June 2010

Butterfly Macro Photography on my iphone!

Every photograph I have taken on this blog has been on my i-phone I love it! Because I have the phone on me everywhere I go, it is just so easy for me to use it as it is nearly always to hand!

Now, I have marvelled at my friend Laura's blog as she has taken some fantastic shots using her macro lens which she has become very attached to and understandably so, which has made me wonder whether to start using a "proper camera" where I can get attachments that do so many other things. I used to take photographs years ago and just stopped doing it because as much as I loved taking them, it was something that I felt I need to consciously go out and do, and so this hobby just ended up fading away. That was until I got my i-phone, and now I am obsessed!!!

So as already mentioned, I have marvelled at the close up shots Laura has taken using her macro lens and also other bloggers whom I have started to follow or just look in on never thinking that I too could capture these types of shots with my mobile phone! Until now! I am genuinely gobsmacked by the results that I have gotten from my humble wee i-phone of these close up out in the wild butterfly (I was not at a butterfly farm)!

And so my session with the butterfly ended when it flew away - but my memory of it has not - yey! I know they would have been a lot better using a "proper camera" with macro lens, but my goodness look at what I got from my i-phone - hooray for Apple!

I am just so excited, my i-phone can capture amazing close ups too - who would have thought!
So although I unfortunately didn't win the lovely butterfly necklace that was up for grabs at Leigh vs Laundry, I did get to capture them with my i-phone (and the bees if you are interested in looking at the post I did after this one). All must be ok up in heaven!



  1. Great photos through your iphone. Love the new header too.

  2. I was honestly stunned by getting these on the i-phone, granted I was very close up to them, but none-the-less, didn't expect to get what I did, nor for the insects (butterfly and bees in the other post) to be so, tame?!

    So glad you like my new header, taken on my i-phone this weekend - I now genuinely would be lost without my phone, but not just because of the phone features!

  3. You can work that i-phone like nobody's business. Those are truly some beautiful images!