Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Camera, Lights ready and therefore just about ready for action!

Well the film crews have been in staging our place for the sitcom (name I cannot mention, and have had to remove the previous blog on it until I get given the go-ahead - part of the contract) - so we have hired security!!!

It is strange to see our place, which looks like our place, but it has things in it that we would never have - it is to go with the characters who apparently live here. Anything with red in the room (which we actually had quite a lot of) has been removed.

There is still some staging to be done, blinds have to go up (and black out blinds behind them as this is apparently and evening scene) and some of the pictures they have brought in to replace ours have to be hung correctly, but they are last minute things and apparently will only take about an hour to do!

Here are some of the cushions they have brought in and one of the blinds.......

Once it is completely staged, I will take a photograph of it but I have to say, I do prefer how we have it normally, but then I am also glad we are not the characters who live here!!!

Of course it is our things that Anders and I like (otherwise we would not have chosen them), and actually not the stuff they have brought in but their props clearly suit the characters who are supposed to live here. It is not that the stuff they have chosen is not nice, it is, Anders and I just think they don't go really (e.g. their choice of rug, it's not a bad rug, just makes the place look very brown and lacking the zing the red brings it) ....... I do hope it becomes a series, and a hit one at that as it sounds very funny!

So for now, the lights are up, and the action will start very very soon......


  1. I'm sure Ander's judo skills will come in handy here! ;) Such an adorable singlet!

  2. Wow, I think I missed something. I didn't know you were actually filming. I thought you were doing some 'home' video with the little ones. lol

  3. No Deanna, we have about 30 people descending on the place very soon - make-up, production, actors blah, blah - one very full house!

    Dexter's Judo skills may well come in handy Knickknacks, and thanks for popping to see my blog and leaving me a comment. I too think the singlet is cute, it is actually for a dog - Marvin (because i like to make my dogs look stupid at times!). Anders said he will not walk Marvin or Carly if I put it on one of the - but I think he will look so funny so I will walk him, even if it is only to photograph him looking so ridiculous. Oh who am I kidding, I will love it and it will make me laugh watching the reactions.... can you imagine what I would have done if we had had a French Bulldog!!!