Saturday, 26 June 2010

Triple Decker Skateboarding

Dexter was at his friend Louis's 8th birthday party today which was a lot of fun.

Dexter enjoys skateboarding, and today he performed a trick! First he skateboarded on 2 stacked skateboards and then on 3 stacked skateboards!!!

He was going to then go on to skateboard on 5 stacked, but that would have meant getting all the skateboards off the other people at the party, not fair really as it was not his party so he didn't. I was very impressed by him doing 3 though - see for yourself!

All three videos are short, the first one is of Dexter on 2 boards and going onto 3. The second is really short, he is on 3 skateboards, and the last one (also short) is him on 3 stacked skateboards saying he is going to get another 2 and attempt to do it with 5!!!


1 comment:

  1. What a little daredevil! He and Griffin would get along smashingly!