Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I met Puck from GLEE - or did I?

This is the neighbour of friends of ours in the street where we all live - I know you have to think about that one! As I was chatting to them today, I couldn't help thinking, he reminded me of someone and then it dawned on me - It's Puck from GLEE!

He is just as cheeky/funny! Irony is when I said it, both him and Dale (my neighbour friend) said "who"? I explained who he was in GLEE, and so they were now going to watch it! In one of these photo's he even looks as though he could be singing!!!!

Here is the real Puck from GLEE - Don't you think they look alike - or is it just me that thinks this?!

What other lookalikes live in our street, I already think Anders (my lovely husband) looks a bit like Simon Baker - maybe it is me that is the Mentalist!


  1. So glad you agree. I am clearly not going mad (or mental as some people in the UK can say, hence my referring to Mentalist)!