Monday, 7 June 2010

Well they say good things come in 3's

Arrived at my office computer to find that I have received another award - three over the weekend - WOW (that is also 3 letters!!!).

Thank you my lovely friend Laura for awarding me this, and yes, I am now addicted to the blog, it is a great way for me to download the huge amounts of photographs that I seem to take in everyday life and it is a great way for me to remember all the positive and funny things that I see constantly, but without this I might not snap them and therefore remember.

Apparently I need to say 10 things about myself - and here was me thinking I would get away with not doing that by getting others to read my blog and make up their minds - clearly not! So, here goes:-

  1. I don't really like getting my own photograph taken as I think I tend to look like Tweetie Pie's Granny - yep true, but I am trying to get over that one slowly!
  2. I am old man tottie for some reason, guaranteed if there are any men around over the age of 60 they will take a real shine to me - thankfully though I managed to bag Anders who although older than me (by a few days) looks a bit like my hunky Viking toyboy!!!
  3. I love clothes - especially vintage clothes and have a wardrobe that I am slowly reducing as it is way, way too big!
  4. There are not many things that I hate but rude people would probably be right there though at no.1 if I had to do a list there!
  5. I (and Ander's & Dexter) miss not having the best dentist in the world on my doorstep, he is married to Laura who kindly awarded me "the beautiful blogger" award and the two of them are really great people - shame we can't see them more often!
  6. I love New York & Japan.
  7. I love taking photographs, had forgotten about this passion for a long while but then the i-phone came along and has made it ever so easy for me to start it up again!
  8. I love Chinese New Year.
  9. I have been diving with dolphins in the wild!
  10. I went snorkeling with a manta ray and turtle in the same snorkeling session too. Call me Mrs Doolittle of the sea!
There that is 10 - phew that is over and With that, Laura, can you tell me how I pass this to others as I am not sure about how all this linkie stuff works!!!


  1. thank you Joanna xxx

    ok how to post a link.
    When you're composing a new post to the left of the photoupload button there should be the word "link"
    click on it
    Another box'll come up.
    Where it says 'text to display' put in what you want to appear on your blog.
    where it says 'to what url should this link go?' paste the link of whatever it is you want to post.

    did that make sense??

  2. Yep my lovely it did, and have done it!