Thursday, 10 June 2010

My Beautiful Garden, it has returned!!

You may remember, I wrote in April in my blog about how "I used to have a beautiful garden", until Marvin & Carly came along! If not, it is in the April folder and I think quite a funny tale albeit rather expensive as here is the turf that was needed to get the lawn back to how it was (not to mention the work required to get it level again and draining properly should they decide to pee in it again)!

Well, our beautiful garden is back - yey!!! The lawn was prepared yesterday, and laid today - double yey!!! Here is the garden as it looked yesterday and now and Marvin & Carly are not allowed in it for the next few weeks to allow the turf to root in properly - actually rather good as it will mean they will have to get used to only doing their "business" when we are out - and they get great walks so shouldn't complain!!!


  1. bloody hell they really trashed it didnt they. It is absolutely gorgeous again now though, it must be a real pleasure to see it all beautiful. It's amazing what instant turf can do! We had to wait for grass seed to grow in our new bit and it seemed to take for ever!

  2. Yep Laura, they really did. We tried the seeds but it really didn't take and it was really getting me so frustrated to see it in such a mess as you really didn't want to use/sit in it, so instant grass it was with complete rotavating of the soil! BBQ's will now be on the menu some nights as you can't see it in the photo but there is a really nice wicker table and chairs to the right when you are facing the extension, or left when you are looking at the summerhouse (will photo them I am sure another time for a blog)! Dexter can also now play in the garden too - well in another 4-6 weeks once the roots have taken!