Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Looting England

Looting England, one hundred people here, twenty people there, one big gang bang but they don't care, she's not their Mum! They don't care, they don't remember her name, just now, in their frenzy.  Tomorrow, maybe, or the next, when they chant her name, E.N.G.E.L.A.N.D, will they remember and hold their head in shame?  

Looting England, it is their own backyard they disregard. They are too high and stupid to not realise, it is their own they disrespect. Whose going to beat her today?  She won't tell, she always stands proud, she's taken the beating for days now. She survived two wars, she's survived terrorism, she'll be ok!

Looting England, don't care about the reasons you rape and pillage her, they don't matter but she will always give you a fair hearing! 

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