Thursday, 4 August 2011

Outside Edinburgh.....

I know I am spoilt living in such a beautiful city like Edinburgh as literally I can be at the beach, or lost in a countryside landscape or up a huge extinct volcano in just next to no time from where I live. That said, if you decide to take even just a 1 hour drive outside Edinburgh, you find even more of some of the most spectacularly beautiful landscapes, which never ceases to amaze me.
It is great to be able to wake up in the morning to beautiful sunshine and jump into the car and go for a drive to somewhere different.
Andrew, Dexter, Marvin, Carly and I decided to do just that and all jumped into the car to explore parts of Scotland we had not been to for a while.
With each turn in the road we were all saying "look at that" and "oh, my God, look at that view"!
We stopped off at a lovely little place on the side of a loch to have lunch of fresh mussels and cider and as the sun beat down we all felt like we were on holiday!
It was then we thought, maybe at some point we will go for a whole weekend in our '66 Splitty. Now I know to many that seems obvious but that to us is not a spur of the moment thing as it really requires organising and is totally dependent on weather as the bus is "rust free" with no welding ever having been required done on it. I am ashamed to say we hardly ever use it as we are not nearly so organised as to plan ahead......
 .......but looking at these photographs which I took on the i-phone......
 .....maybe we should be as it really would make for even more interesting photographs and adventures!
 Let's see if the weather continues to be dry and sunny first though!

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  1. So pretty! That is a nice bonus to live somewhere you can see the best of so many different types of landscapes, and so quickly! I think that every time I visit California or Chile. Keep life exciting!