Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dexter is back.

Dexter got back yesterday from his weekend away with the Cubs camping and it sounds like he had a great time.  He learnt to cook, clean and sew (guess who the new home help might well be now!!!), in addition to going hiking, singing songs round the camp fire, playing all sorts of sports activities and just hanging out with his pals for 3 nights straight!

As it turns out, Anders and I have had a fantastic weekend too. We have seen great shows at the Festival, gone for some great walks in places we had never gone to before and just done a whole lot of stuff together as a couple.  Whilst yes, some of the things we could have done with Dexter too, it was really nice just doing them as a duet again!

So, whilst Dexter did miss us, and we definitely missed having him around, we all got to share in telling stories about what we all got up to which was fun in itself.  Dexter has sung me the camp fire songs he was taught, and is going to make us dinner tonight! I know, he is going to make us carrot and coriander soup and then a mandarin tart.  He also learnt how to make stuffed baked potatoes and blueberry and raspberry muffins (which we will have another night).

As an aside, this photograph is of a little desk reminder which I found in a church sale for only 30p, yep that is right only cost 30p!!!

I think that it is important to use each and every minute to the full and that is what this little object said to me when I saw it. In changing the numbers, days and months which repeat at varying speeds, it will remind me that I also have a constant, a fixed one in that there are set names of days, numbers of days in the week and names for the set months in the year but everything else is up for grabs!!! With that I am going to have a cup of coffee which has just been freshly ground and made for me by my lovely Anders :-)


  1. Glad everyone had a great weekend. Hope Dexter cooks for you soon.

  2. It's always a good thing to have some couple time, and makes you appreciate Dexter all the more, I'll bet!

    What a great guy to be cooking dinner for all of you...


  3. Sounds so delightful! "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," no? :) And having separate stories to share once you're all back together again is such a joy, like you say.

  4. How nice to have a little couple time!

  5. So glad you are all back together and enjoying swapping stories