Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Keep calm......

The governing and business worlds seems to be going into financial and political mindless meltdown which is so stupid and effects the man in the street worst of all. Panic just leads to more panic all, pointless as you cannot do anything positive when you are panic-stricken. You need to stay calm, apply logic with known facts and not just react mindlessly. To me, I am deeply suspicious about what is going on.  Logically these events just seems more of a political manipulation. With the US having their political elections in 2012, to me this just smacks of the Republicans trying to get the Democrats out, and as someone not from the US, I really hope that doesn't happen as from what we see the last Republican administration under Bush was awful. I mean the downgrading of the US credit status by S&P, why the credit agencies were not shut down because they were complicit in the financial crash a few years ago shocks me. 
Thankfully however, there is other stuff going on too, like the finishing touches are taking place in Edinburgh for the enclosures that will be home for the Chinese Panda's who will arrive here in October......
 My neighbour gave birth to their first child, a little boy who they have called Sebastian....
 .... and yes, there is rioting and looting going on in England just now which is awful and definitely scary.....
.... eventually the charges will stop, calm will be restored .....
 .....and put down to historical data.


  1. that panda definitely makes me smile.

  2. Things are scary right now. Thanks for sharing some happy photos.

  3. pandas always make me smile...did you see the live web cam they have set up at the san diego zoo...they showed the baby panda with its mother...it was the cutest thing ever, really.

  4. so sweet! What a cute face. Love your take on the news :)