Friday, 24 June 2011

Dexter and his Auntie Laura

Dexter got to see his Auntie Laura at the weekend. 
He likes his Auntie Laura a lot, he says "she is really pretty and is great at playing games".  This is them playing consequences round the dinner table :-)
I can understand him having a wee crush on his Laura, she is a really lovely person, and indeed very beautiful. She also happens to be one of Ryan McGinley's models "Thunderstorm" and "Laura 2007".  In fact she and her husband Jonathan (my husband's brother) were the couple in the Dentyne adverts which Ryan shot too!
I think her and Jonathan are coming up again to see us at the beginning of July.  
That makes us all very happy.

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  1. How lovely - she is beautiful but I also know that kids develop crushes so easily. My husband's 2nd cousins don't really understand that I'm family yet so they flirt with me everytime I'm in town.