Friday, 10 June 2011

Santa Fe, New Mexico as seen through my eyes....

I mentioned earlier this week that when I first arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico that I had a hard time capturing the beauty of Santa Fe until I took a trip into the Mountains. That was completely true as I genuinely was so scared to go to the Review and come across like a complete Numpty. Isn't that a good word for buffoon, it is a word I taught the lovely Dawn Roscoe and Gregg Segal (two talented artists/photographers I am so glad I made friends with at the Review) on the last day when we went out for dinner. I wonder if they will use it in conversation at some point!  
Detective Gunn of the Santa Fe Police

When I arrived therefore in Santa Fe I was just so grateful that I managed to capture images of the locals and film crew that were there shooting a film called Odd Thomas (starring Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin and Willem Dafoe) and that is because they made me feel relaxed and welcome and at some level made me forget what was making me nervous about going to Santa Fe to participate at an event with really talented artists/photographers
Anton Yelchin who plays Odd 
Anton Yelchin who plays Odd and Addison Timlin who plays his girlfriend Stormy
Taking pictures of the locals and the film set for me made me feel that I could just be myself and take images in a relaxed state of mind without feeling that I might be taking photographs that would be maybe  compared to some of the other photographers I was about to meet or, worse still, some of the great photographers who captured amazing images of Santa Fe and New Mexico like Ansel Adams who was showing at the Andrew Smith gallery right in the heart of Santa Fe itself or Georgia O'Keefe who painted such great works there of New Mexico, just because of why I as there! I mean, how do you photograph images of New Mexico that can compete with the depictions of NM the way they did?
Going into the mountains however had a spiritual effect on me which I never thought would have happened, and that is something I cannot describe as I don't know how to.  It really is a very special place, and these photographs are some of the photographs I captured (and I will not be showing you all of them as there are way too many so you can sigh a sigh of relief :-)).  This is the Santa Fe that I saw and it made a huge impact and stuck with me. All these shots shown are straight from the camera, no editing at all as this is what I saw and it made me excited, happy and had the effect I wanted, I captured the Santa Fe I had been searching for!
Santa Fe, a place that spirits and souls run free.


  1. I really, really love that first shot, and that first one from the mountains set. Beautiful. Exploring with a camera is such a different experience. You really get a feel for a place when you can see it translated back to you on film.

  2. Very cool you got to photo people on a movie set. Lovely set.

  3. Someday I'm going to be coming to an exhibit of your work. These are amazing.

  4. Great shots!! Really enjoyed the post. Seems like people are comfortable and themselves even in America;)