Saturday, 25 June 2011

I have just met the Prime Minister David Cameron!!!

I cannot believe I just met the Prime Minister David Cameron! Anders, Dexter and I were at Arthur Seat where there is all sorts of military displays going on for Armed Forces Day, I was busy taking photographs of everything (there's a surprise!), when l realised I had gotten right up close to David Cameron, our Prime Minister, which until that moment, I had not realised he was there!  I mean, look how close I got before I realised!
I was shocked, and said "Oh, look, it's the Prime Minister, this really must be my lucky husky voice that is getting me through so many things" (my voice is really way more deep and husky than it normally can be as I have a bit of a sore throat. Every male who has heard me speak in the last 48 hours has stopped, smiled in a wry fashion and commented)......
....David Cameron was no exception to being lulled by my voice, no sooner did I open my mouth to say what I did, he turned round smiling and said "hello" to which I laughingly replied "hello to you too, and yep, this definitely seems to be a voice that is lucky", and everyone around about started to laugh and we shook hands. He then very kindly let Dexter get his photograph taken with him.
What shocked me more than anything, is how close I got to him unintentionally, I mean, could you see this happening with President Obama?!  There were lots of secret police about (not that I noticed until after the scene unfolded), but everyone there was in in a good mood, and the whole event was, well, upbeat, jovial and "normal"!