Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ginger Graeme?

This week's Scavenger Hunt prompts are:  Emotion, From a flower's point of view, natural frame, letters and bliss. So lets start with letters, which indeed make up words, and words can be confusing, and definitely stimulate conversation....
The next prompt was "from a flower's point of view". Well, I actually did a whole series dedicated to a flower's point of view in May. The above photo was one of the pictures I took because this tulip inspired me to do just that. As a result I really didn't want to do it again because I had not seen another flower that compelled me to do this. For me inspiration is not something that I think you can force. That said this next flower did whisper something to me, ha, ha, ha!
Natural frame: this next picture I took in Santa Fe walking down Canyon Road back to the hotel and I think you can see how I was feeling about the place!
Emotion, bliss is sort of an emotion isn't it? So I thought, why not combine the two, emotion and bliss as emotion is something we can experience in what we see and feel each during a day. I therefore decided I would share an image I took that I think depicted just that:
and I will finish with some words to a prompt that Anika put up as inspiration at ACoLab, it was "something that frightens you" well to me it is not so much frighten (as you are in control of your mind), but something that I just would hate which would be:


  1. Love your natural frame! Very cool!

  2. LOVE your natural frame shot - very creative!

  3. Your emotion shot absolutely rocks - I really love that. I also love the yellow flower you used for Flower POV.

  4. all great...LOVE that 4th shot

  5. I love what you did with Emotion/Bliss shot. Perfect.

  6. LOVE your Natural Frame!! very creative